Thermo Mixer

Introducing the Pinnacle PC-MixerTCH, a top-notch temperature-controlled mixer that is a must-have in every laboratory. This state-of-the-art mixer offers:

  • Wide Temperature Control Range: This feature allows for a broad spectrum of temperature settings, ensuring the utmost precision in all your experiments.

  • Unmatched Accuracy and Stability: The Pinnacle PC-MixerTCH guarantees unparalleled accuracy and stability, making it an essential tool for efficient and reliable mixing in your laboratory.

  • Efficient Timer Range and Heating Rate: Quick and easy experiments are made possible by the mixer’s efficient timer range and rapid heating rate.

  • Compact Dimensions: Despite its superior features, the Pinnacle PC-MixerTCH has a compact design, making it a space-saving addition to your lab.

  • DC Brushless Motor and Semiconductor Cooling Technology: These features make the Pinnacle PC-MixerTCH an excellent device for sample incubation, catalysis, mixing, and preservation.

Invest in the Pinnacle PC-MixerTCH today and elevate your lab’s capabilities. This temperature-controlled mixer is not just a tool, but a game-changer in the world of laboratory experimentation. 

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Temperature Control Range

RT-20°C ~100°C: RT+5°C ~100°C

Temperature Setting Range

0°C~100°C: RT+5°C~100°C

Temperature Accuracy

±0.3°C: ±0.3°C

Temperature Stability

@40℃: ±0.3°C: ±0.3°C

Display Accuracy

0.1°C: 0.1°C

Speed Range

300~1500Rpm: 300~2000Rpm


2mm(Horizontal rotation): 2mm(Horizontal rotation)


0~99h59m: 0~99h59m

Heating Up Rate

<15min(25°C~100°C): <15min(25°C~100°C)

Cool Down Time

≤25min (RT to RT-20°C) /

Cool Down Rate

≥7°C/min ( 100°C to 20°C) /

Max. Power

150W: 180W

Dimension (W×D×H)

220x300x170 (mm): 220x300x170 (mm)


8.8kg: 7.9 kg

Due to the combination of DC brushless motor and semiconductor cooling technology, it greatly shortens the time of experiment and improves the efficiency. It is an ideal device for sample incubation, catalysis, mixing and preservation.

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