CSK Group is proud to offer the broadest selection of temperature and humidity-controlled cabinets in Australia, designed to meet the demands of every laboratory, pharmacy, and hospital. All of our larger cabinets adhere to the strictest industry standards, assuring exceptional quality and performance.

CSKs Temperature and humidity-controlled cabinets include:

  • Under-counter and benchtop controlled cabinets
  • Upright controlled cabinets
  • Glass and solid door controlled cabinets

Temperature and humidity equipment engineered for excellence

Our temperature and humidity equipment is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, accuracy, and reliability. Whether you need to store sensitive electronic components, biological samples, or delicate materials, our cabinets provide the perfect environment to safeguard your valuable assets. Equipped with advanced features such as precise temperature control, adjustable humidity levels, and data logging capabilities, our equipment offers the reliability and control necessary for your critical operations.

Research, Medical, Diagnostics, Mining and More...


Our Difference

We take the time to understand your use case and specific safety, reliability and standards requirements. Speak to the team to explore our broad range of freezers. You can rely on our experience manufacturing, customizing and supporting the medical equipment industry.

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