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Our wide range of water baths are designed and built to Australian standards for laboratory and industrial applications. Models are specific to be able to gently cool, heat, thaw and shake. Water baths have many uses including, warming of chemical reagents, thawing plasma, incubating cell cultures, improving solubility and liquefying substances. They can even be used by chefs for sous vide cooking.

We provide custom solutions and servicing Australia-wide backed by 24/7 service and support to ensure you experience minimal interruptions to your work.

Our Range and Features

Let our team assist you in selecting the ideal water bath tailored to your needs, equipped with advanced temperature control and reliability you can trust. Experience the difference with CSK Group’s precision-engineered water baths, designed for efficiency and versatility.

  • Efficient Temperature Management - Equipped with digital temperature controllers and a manual reset safety thermostat, our water baths maintain temperatures ranging from -70°C to +100°C. The built-in microprocessor ensures accurate temperature stability, crucial for sensitive laboratory tasks and industrial applications.
  • Design and Construction - Each water bath features a seamless, insulated stainless steel tank designed to minimise temperature loss. The interiors are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to their radial corners and high-quality construction.
  • Versatile Options - Available in 12L and 24L sizes, our water baths come with heating, cooling, shaking, and both circulated and uncirculated flow models. Whether you need a flat stainless steel lid or a gable polycarbonate lid, we provide options to fit your specific requirements.
  • Additional Features Include: Pump out feature for easy maintenance Conveniently fitted drain Carry handles for enhanced portability

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We take the time to understand your use case and specific safety, reliability and standards requirements. Speak to the team to explore our broad range of freezers. You can rely on our experience manufacturing, customizing and supporting the medical equipment industry.

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