Arrowsmith & Grant Plasma Freezer 320L

Designed and constructed in accordance with Australian Standards AS3864-2012 Medical refrigeration equipment – For the storage of blood and blood products, Part 1: Manufacturing requirements and AS ISO13485-2003 Quality management systems for medical devices.

Plasma Freezers are available in Under Bench 150L and Upright 320L.

Our plasma freezers are the perfect solution for plasma storage and other blood products in a safe and secure manner. These plasma freezers are ideal for use in hospitals, blood banks, research laboratories, and other medical facilities that require reliable and efficient storage for blood products.

With a range of sizes available, including the Under Bench 150L and Upright 320L models, these blood plasma freezers are suitable for storing both small and large quantities of blood product. Each freezer is equipped with advanced temperature control and monitoring systems to ensure that the stored blood and plasma remain at the correct temperature at all times. This is particularly important for maintaining the efficacy of blood and blood products, which can deteriorate quickly if not stored properly.

This product features user-friendly controls and clear displays, making it easy for medical staff to monitor and adjust the temperature as needed. Additionally, these are equipped with secure locking mechanisms, ensuring that the stored products are protected from unauthorised access.

Trust us to provide you with high-quality, efficient, and secure storage for your valuable blood product. Contact us today to learn more about our plasma storage solutions.

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Additional information


Holds – 136 x 350mL Plasma Packs

Dimensions (WDH)

900 x 815 x 2000 mm


AS3864-2012 Compliant, TGA Approved, ARTG Listed 169409 and 169410

Operating Temperature





Solid Door

Door Hinge

Left Hand

Door Lock



Door Open, High Temperature (-27°C), Power Failure

Building Management System (BMS) Connection


Cable Access Port



12 Months Parts and Labour

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