As one of Australia’s premier providers, CSK Group delivers top-tier pharmaceutical refrigerators with Pinnacle Fridges. We recognize the essential role of precise temperature control and ideal storage conditions in pharmaceutical and laboratory operations. Our wide range of superior refrigerators ensures the protection and longevity of your valuable medications, samples, and research materials with unmatched reliability and performance.

Pharmaceutical Fridges include:

  • Under-counter and benchtop pharmacy refrigerators
  • Upright pharmacy refrigerators
  • Glass door and solid door pharmaceutical refrigerators

Custom Refrigeration Solutions

For clients requiring larger or specialised refrigeration solutions, CSK Group offers custom-built pharmacy fridges, complete with optional features such as chart recorders. If you need assistance in selecting the right pharmacy refrigerator or simply seek expert advice, don't hesitate to contact CSK Group - your trusted partner in pharmacy refrigeration solutions.

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Our Difference

We take the time to understand your use case and specific safety, reliability and standards requirements. Speak to the team to explore our broad range of freezers. You can rely on our experience manufacturing, customizing and supporting the medical equipment industry.

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