The effect of flu season on your vaccine refrigerator

It is very easy coming into the flu season to run short on space in your vaccine refrigerator.  Many pharmacies and medical centres stock up on flu vaccines, but this can cause your vaccine refrigerator to have insufficient airflow. The airflow can be almost completely cut off when boxes and bags are pushed up against the fan. Low and uneven airflow causes two major problems.  The first is the temperature that your product is maintaining; it is common with over loading of a refrigerator to have areas that are very cold and others that are very hot.  Once the ice build-up starts it is very unlikely it will clear without doing a manual defrost. As more ice builds, the lower air flow, and the cycle continues until the temperature rises above the alarm point.

The good news is that CSK Group differs from other suppliers. We offer a hire and rent to buy options to eligible customers to get them through the busy season. Contact our friendly staff today to discuss options on getting through the flu season. Hire equipment is subject to availability, so book in early.