Equipment Monitoring Made Easy

The main reason for losing a research sample, drug or vaccine, blood or any item kept at a controlled temperature is not knowing that they have moved outside of their given temperature and humidity range.  The good news is in recent times CSK Group has tested and developed monitoring equipment to notify you as soon as a breach is detected.

We have developed a bolt-on solution for any refrigerator and freezer that will work with any brand.  We are able to monitor the temperature in your ultra-low laboratory freezer, controlled environment room, walk in freezer and cold room to pharmacy refrigerator and attach it to an auto dialler that will call pre-set numbers and notify you.  CSK Group also has a SMS service that works through the GSM network.

When ordering a new Pinnacle item be sure to talk to our friendly sales and technical support team to ensure your new item meets your monitoring requirements.

We also work with many building management systems and in many cases, we are able to use a zone on your existing building security system, making the hardware costs minimal. We have a solution for your application, so call us today for ideas and support to set up your equipment today.