Orbital And Linear Shaker

The Pinnacle Shaker is the ultimate laboratory equipment for precise and efficient shaking. It is a must-have for any laboratory due to its high functionality and ease of use.

Here are some of its key features:

  • High Load Capacity: It boasts a maximum load capacity of 7.5 kg, making it versatile for various applications.
  • Wide Choice of Platforms: The Pinnacle Shaker offers a variety of platforms to suit different laboratory needs.
  • Safety Measures: The equipment features overload and over-speed detection and protection to ensure safe operation.
  • Easy-to-Read LED Display: The LED display allows easy reading of speed and time simultaneously, enhancing efficiency.
  • Timer with Alarm Function: The Pinnacle Shaker comes with a timer that has an automatic alarm function for unsupervised operation.
  •  Maintenance-Free Motor: The brushless DC motor is maintenance-free, providing a long service life.
  • Digital Speed Control System: The digital speed control system ensures stable movement and prevents splashing, making it ideal for delicate lab operations.
  • Stylish Design: With its high strength tempered glass front panel, the Pinnacle Shaker adds a touch of sophistication to any laboratory.
  • Versatile Shaking Modes: The equipment allows easy switching between orbital and linear shaking modes according to your requirements.

With these features, the Pinnacle Shaker not only enhances efficiency in the laboratory but also ensures precise and safe operations.

NOTE: Institutional & Contract Discounts Available - Enquire For Pricing

Additional information

Shaking Motion

Orbital / Linear

Motor Type

Brushless DC motor

Max. Load Capacity(with platform) [kg]


Orbital Diameter [mm]


Speed Display


Speed Range [rpm]


Time Display


Time Range


Operation Type

Continuous / Timing Operation

Permissible Ambient Temperature [°C ]


Permissible Relative Humidity


Protection class acc. to DIN EN60529


Voltage [VAC]


Frequency [Hz]


Power [W]


Dimensions [W x D x H, mm]

450 x 400 x 105

Weight [kg]


  • Max. load capacity (with platform) is 7.5kg
  • A wide choice of platforms for various applications
  • Over-load and over-speed detection and protection
  • LED display for easy-reading of speed and time simultaneously
  • Stylish, High Strength tempered glass front panel
  • Timer with Automatic Alarm function allows for unsupervised operation
  • Brushless DC motor is maintenance-free and provides long service life
  • Continuous operation and timed operation in range of 0- 99h59min are available
  • Supports both orbital shaking and linear shaking and easy to switch the shaking mode
  • Digital speed control system ensures stable movement and prevents splashing

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