Mini Dry Bath Incubator

Introducing the Pinnacle’s latest laboratory equipment – a compact and lightweight temperature control device, designed with precision and accuracy in mind. This device is perfect for laboratory experiments that require meticulous temperature control, ensuring reliable and consistent results every single time.

Key Features:

  • Precise Temperature Control: This device has a temperature control range of Room Temperature (RT) + 5°C ~ 100°C, allowing for precise control over your laboratory experiments.
  • Accurate Display: With a display accuracy of ±0.1°C, monitoring your experiments has never been easier.
  • Fast Heating Time: It heats up in less than 15 minutes from 40°C to 100°C, saving you precious time in the lab.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Measuring 164 x 116 x 98mm and weighing only 0.9kg, this device is easy to move, store, and perfect for any laboratory setup.
  • LED Display: The LED display allows for easy reading and monitoring of set and actual time and temperature.
  • 3D Digital Wheel Adjustment: This feature allows for easy and precise adjustments, ensuring the accuracy of your experiments.
  • Programmable Operation: Set your desired temperature and timing with ease, thanks to the programmable operation feature.
  • Low Operation Voltage: This device operates at a low voltage, making it safe and energy-efficient.

With these features, the Pinnacle’s temperature control device is not just a piece of laboratory equipment, but a versatile tool that can be adapted to various applications with different blocks. Experience the difference in accuracy and precision with Pinnacle’s temperature control device. 

NOTE: Institutional & Contract Discounts Available - Enquire For Pricing

Additional information

Temperature Control Range [°C]

RT + 5°C~100°C

Timing Range


Temp. Control Accuracy [°C]


Display Accuracy [°C]


Heating Time (40°C to100°C temp.)


Dimension (mm)

164 x 116 x 98

Net Weight


  • LED display for easy reading
  • Temperature is up to 100°C
  • Simultaneous display of set/actual time and temperature
  • 3D digital wheel adjustment of time and temperature
  • High temperature precision is up to±0.5°C
  • Programmable operation can store up to 5 programs
  • Low operation voltage (12v) can be used directly with car charger
  • Various applications with different blocks

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