CSK Sheetmetal (Custom fabrication)

Specialising in Custom Fabrication, sheet metal fabrication for trolleys, benches, technical equipment and all your other custom requirements

Sheet Metal & Custom Fabrication

CSK sheet-metal is a hands-on sheet metal company for the HVAC industry for residential, commercial and industrial needs. We produce precise high-end custom fabrication components and are highly trained experienced professionals. We believe in delivering high, top quality products to our customers and earn the solid reputation in the industry.

Image of Custom Fabrication by CSK Sheetmetal

Our staff at CSK Sheetmetal has over 10 years experience. CSK Sheetmetal Custom Fabrication, sheet metal Brisbane, is well known company that designs and manufacturers thousands of custom sheet metal products. Most of our products are unique and optimized for your specifications. When you need something made to your specifications, CSK have the resources, experience & expertise to deliver custom made products.

The Advantage of Custom Fabrication Solutions

Custom fabrication solutions allow you to get the equipment you need – exactly how you need it. CSK has manufactured and modified equipment for many needs and purposes. We can even refurbish your existing equipment to suit your specifications.

Scientific Equipment Modifications

The CSK sheet metal workshop for custom fabrication based in Brisbane is fully equipped to complete the modifications, additions and repairs you require.
Custom fabrication, equipment built to your specifications is usually completed within 6-8 weeks. This can range from trolleys, benches to custom built Temperature & Humidity Controlled equipment.

CSK Sheetmetal is following the National Association of Testing Authorities guidlines

Commercial Refrigeration and Hospitality

From trolleys and benches to custom built refrigerated & heating cabinets, we have the resources, experience & expertise to assist.

Air Conditioning custom fabrication
In addition to air-conditioning systems CSK Climatek offers, our sheetmetal business can also assist with ducting or where a customized solution is required.

Industrial custom fabrication
Where sheetmetal and general fabrication is required in Brisbane or beyond, CSK Sheetmetal can provide a quality product built for the purpose. From a support frame to a process water cooling plant, the CSK Group of businesses can deliver.