CSK Refrigeration – Commercial Refrigeration (Equipment)

CSK Refrigeration is an experts in the provision of commercail refrigeration equipment, custom refrigeration solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Proudly serving Brisbane, Southeast Queensland, Northern Territory and Northern New South Wales for more than 7 years. CSK Refrigeration is installing, providing parts and repairs to commercial refrigeration systems.

Custom Commercial refrigeration

The end user needs changes on day to day basis, recognise that, we understand a true need for flexibility. We’re incorporating that kind of philosophy from start to finish. From the design of our commercial refrigeration product all the way to the supplier of our component.

Image of Commercial Refrigeration Project
Our professional technicians will ensure that you receive all the advice, support and service you require for ongoing value and reliability. It is all commercial refrigeration. We can make anything cold. It doesn’t matter if it is small behind the bar reaching refrigerator or if it is 1.5 million square feet frozen food warehouse. There is nothing that requires cold that we can’t do.

Supply and Installation of commercial refrigeration equipment

CSK Refrigeration supply and/or install commercial refrigeration equipment at your premises. We can make anything cold.

CSK Refrigeration is working with world leaders in refrigeration, manufacturers of commercial refrigeration products such as Austral Refrigeration. Austral Refrigeration produces all the components going into the commercial refrigeration. Components can include evaporator coils, condensing units and air cooled condensers. We are working on new projects and technology, every day of the week.

CSK Refrigeration is a company with a long term roots and history. We developed a team of people whom are dedicated and hard working. Here we are technology leader constantly involving in strengthening. CSK Refrigeration is on the edge of technology company where our engineering department is comprised with degreed engineer. Walking simulators and environmental chambers are at our disposal as well. Testing is extensive and allows us to deliver the highest quality commercial refrigeration equipment around Australia.