CSK Labtronics (Laboratory Equipment)

CSK Labtronics is a leading Queensland company, based in Brisbane, in the field of repairing, fixing and supplying laboratory equipment and devices.

Visit CSK Labtronics Medical, Scientific and industrial laboratory equipment servicing.

Laboratory equipment supply and repair

CSK Labtronics, hand to hand with CSK Scientific is the sole representative of Thermoline in Queensland the Northern Territory thus allowing CSK Group to be one address for most Laboratory equipment required.

Laboratory equipment by CSK Labtronics

Fitting laboratory equipment to your needs

The main advantage of CSK Labtronics is in its professional ability to help the customer with fitting lab equipment and instruments to meet his needs. The goal is to provide solutions and not only sell equipment.

CSK Labtronics professional team is backed up with service array based on technicians with rich experience. Those allow CSK Labtronics to provide fast, efficient and professional service.
The extensive experience, professionalism in the field of laboratory equipment and the fast growth of CSK Labtronics allows it to continue and provide maximum service to all its clients. The approach for every customer is of excellence and immediate solution to every client.

CSK Scientific, with the use of its technical hand CSK Labtronics, is recognized seller and provider of Queensland Health. Other companies in the fields of science, research, the medicine and the biotechnology industries, pharmaceuticals chemistry, food are also among the client of CSK Labtronics and CSK Scientific.

CSK Group understands the value of continuous professional training and the professional cultivation of its employees as a tool to conserve and improve services to our customers. All these are turning CSK Labtronics, operating in a competitive market, to one of the strongest companies in its field of laboratory equipment.

Laboratory equipment regular maintenance

Laboratory equipment is sophisticated, sensitive equipment that needs regular maintenance and constant supervision. Many times improper use in lab equipment can cause damage to the functionality of the device.